page 12 – could you afford a bigger home?

could you afford a bigger home?

A new change to the criteria we use for letting properties means that if your household earns £15,000 or more a year, you could move to a bigger house.

Recent amendments to the Durham Key Options policy will give single applicants, couples and small families earning more than £15,000 a year the option to apply for a larger home.  Homes with up to three bedrooms will now be available to smaller households who previously did not qualify, if they can demonstrate their combined annual income is this amount or over. Previously, eligibility was solely based on need.

For example, a single person with one child who earns £15,000 could now apply for a three bedroom home, instead of the two bedroom property they were previously eligible for. Equally a couple with one child with a combined income of £15,000 would also be eligible to apply for the larger property.

Lettings Team Leader, Stephen Lindsay, said: “These changes are all about choice. Previously if you could afford to move to a bigger home, you may have had to look to the private rented sector in some circumstances. Now our customers can enjoy all the benefits of having a secure tenancy from one of the region’s largest landlords, and still have a larger home if you can afford to.”

More information on the changes is available by contacting our Lettings Team here or by calling  0800 032 0835.