page 11 – pay your rent the easy way

pay your rent the easy way

Ever woken up thinking ‘have I paid the rent’? Make sure it never happens again by setting up a Direct Debit.

You’re just one form away from the easiest and quickest way to pay your rent each month. A Direct Debit allows you to choose which date in the month payment is made, and ensures a regular, secure funds go straight to your landlord … without having to lift a finger.

That one form, known as a Direct Debit mandate, is available from your landlord. It’s straightforward to fill in. All you need to know is your bank details and your monthly rent cost.

Paying by Direct Debit has another advantage too; it means that more money can be invested in your home and community. Tenants who pay their rent by Direct Debit save County Durham Housing Group up to 57p per payment when compared with other methods like PayPoint or debit cards.

If every tenant made payments this way, we’d have more than £ ½ m a year extra to invest in your home and your neighbourhood.

You can download a Direct Debit mandate for your landlord here.


Pictured above: an example of a Dale & Valley Homes Direct Debit form